CYBERPOWER CSB100W 1-Outet Essential Surge Protector Wall Tap

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CyberPower CSB100W 1-Outet Essential Surge Protector Wall Tap

Model: CSB100W
Condition: New
Warranty: LIFETIME
Weight: 3.31 lb(s).
Dimension: 6" x 4" x 3"

1-Outet Essential Surge Protector Wall Tap (CYBERPOWER CSB100W)

    CyberPower CSB100W. Surge energy rating: 900 J, AC outlet types: NEMA 5?15R. Power plug: NEMA 5?15P. Color of product: White. Certification: UL1449, cUL
    The CyberPower Essential Series CSB100W Surge Protector is ideal for Home/Office protection with 900 joules, 1 outlet, and wall tap plug. The single outlet surge protector is perfect for environments were only a single device will require power protection. It works great for protecting your personal computers, wireless/VoIP routers, cable/DSL modems, tablet chargers and other personal electronics.

    The CSB100W features one (1) outlet, a wall tap plug for direct plug in, MOV technology to guard the surge protector and connected electronics against line abnormalities and lightning surges, while EMI/RFI filters block unwanted line noise.

    A Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures that this surge protector has passed our highest quality standards in design, assembly, material or workmanship and further protection is offered by a $25,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee.

    Built-In Automatic Shutdown - In the event of an overload that exceeds the unit's ability to suppress the signal, the surge protectors? 15A circuit breaker will automatically switch off to protect all connected electronics.

    MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) - MOV technology allows normal current to pass through the device, while diverting any surge/spikes through the ground circuit. This safely protects all connected electronics along with the surge protector itself.

    EMI/RFI Filters - Filters against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference ensuring clean power for connected equipment.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty - Stringent manufacturing processes and innovative product design enables CyberPower to offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. CyberPower will repair or replace damaged units for as long as the original owner has the product.

    ISO & Safety Certifications - All CyberPower?s manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 Quality Tested. CyberPower?s products are also UL Listed and CSA Certified.

    Sturdy Case ? Constructed of impact-resistant material for maximum durability.

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    Review by Leslie Prichard on 1/3/2014
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    Minimalism is the online !
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    Unbeatable service and selection. This store has the best business model I have seen on the net. They are true to their word, and go the extra mile for their customers. I felt like a purchasing partner more than a customer. You have a lifetime client in me.

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